Privacy Policy for FindWiz


The FindWiz app is a Freemium app (meaning, it is free with the option of Premium features). This program is provided at no cost (except for premium features) and is intended for use as is. 

This page is used to inform users regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information for anyone who decides to use this app. 

If you choose to use FindWiz, then you agree to the use of information in relation to this policy. The Personal Information that the program reads is done for your own use as it is displayed by the program in a search, and is not retained by this app in any way after you have displayed it. It will not use or share your information with anyone, period!

The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our EULA, which is accessible on the main menu of the app.

Information Collection and Use

Any personal or business notes accumulated in various file formats over the years, on your phone, can be displayed (if they are in one of the formats supported by FindWiz as specified in the documentation). The information that FindWiz reads in your phone will be retained on your device and is not collected by the app in any way. 


We value your trust in allowing this app to read your Personal Information, which again is used strictly for your information as diplayed in search results.

Links to Other Sites

This program links to another site if you click on a link to see attributions given to other individuals who have provided plugins or graphics used in this program.

Children’s Privacy

Anyone, including those under the age of 13, who uses this app on their own phone will only have access to info that is stored on their phone already, and can already be viewed by other apps on their phone.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is not likely to change as the function of this program will not change from a text search engine for your own files. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at